Experience the best of Skopje

12 Qer, 2024

If your next adventure takes you to Skopje, you’re on the right page.

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Where to go in Skopje

 Divided by the Vardar River, Skopje is the largest city in North Macedonia.

First, take a walk in the Macedonia Squares built in the period between the two world wars, and then set out for the historical and natural beauty of Skopje.

Historical monuments

The stone bridge is located on the Vardar River and is a symbol of Skopje. Elaborated in c. XV, it is a connection with the old and new part of the city.

Castle – is one of the most prominent buildings in Skopje with the presence of a number of different cultural and tourist motifs.


The old railway station, today is a museum of the city of Skopje and a symbol of the big earthquake of 1962. The clock in this station always shows 5:17 in the morning, when the earthquake had destroyed everything.

If you want to see the Old Bazaar, just go from the top of Vardar, through the Stone Bridge and there you are. There are special objects from the Ottoman period, while there are also new objects from modern times.

The Museum of Macedonia is located in the Old Bazzar, near the Skopje Castle, and is unique in terms of its construction.

The memorial house and memorial of Mother Teresa- Everyone knows Mother Teresa, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. This house is located in the center of Skopje, it is dedicated to the humanist born in Skopje.

The archaeological site, which is located five kilometers from Skopje near the village of Zllokuqan, displays the findings of the walls, the theater, the civil basilica, the city villa, the city bath, as well as the established basilica.

Two main landscapes of Skopje

Matka is the deep canyon in which is the first artificial accumulation. There are more caves, climbing centers for training, regulated stream of Treska for kayaking in wild waters, complex of many monasteries, mountain houses, restaurants, hotel facilities, picturesque nature with rich plant and animal world. You haven't seen Skopje if you haven't visited Matka.

Vodno is the mountain locality which rises above Skopje up to 1,061 meters above the body. There is the Millennium Cross, the Saint Panteleimon Monastery Complex. The roads up there are groomed while you will enjoy the enchanting greenery. From Vodno you can see the entire Skopje Valley and the city of Skopje. Therefore, it is one of the most visited localities in the vicinity of Skopje.

The cable car is also functional, which has 28 cabins with a capacity for eight people, as well as the gondolas from the outside are connected to bicycle racks.

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