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About Skopje

Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia, sits on the Vardar River and offers a mix of old and new. This city has both ancient history and modern vibes. From the majestic fortresses that stand as sentinels of the past to the lively squares and green spaces, Skopje offers a unique mix of Balkan charm and urban adventure.

Exploring Skopje

Skopje is fascinating because it shares its stories through special places and its people. Start exploring in the center at the Stone Bridge. This famous bridge links today's city to its past with the Ottomans and Romans. Walk over the bridge to get to the Old Bazaar, a big, old market in the Balkans. There, the smells of spices and the noise of people making things will make you feel like you're in a different time.

Continue exploring to find the Skopje Fortress, also called Kale. Here, you can walk on old walls and see great views of the city. Close by, you can learn about Mother Teresa's life at her Memorial House; she was born in Skopje in 1910.

Skopje also has beautiful parks. The City Park is a quiet place away from the busy city. For adventure, go to Matka Canyon which is just 15 km by city center. This beautiful area has old monasteries, a lake for kayaking, and trails for hiking.

When it gets dark, Skopje becomes lively. You can try Macedonian food in its restaurants and taverns, and enjoy international dishes too. The nightlife offers bars, clubs, and events, making it fun to meet both locals and other visitors.

Getting to Skopje from the International Airport of Skopje

The Skopje International Airport is North Macedonia's gateway to the world, welcoming visitors from all over. Getting from the airport to Skopje city is simple, with options like buses, taxis, or rental cars available. For an easy ride into the city, you can book a bus ticket which takes you directly from Skopje International Airport to Skopje.


Ticket prices starting from

3.3 €

Average bus trip duration

1h 10min

Number of daily buses


Earliest bus departure

12:30 AM

Latest bus departure

11:50 PM

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