Berat - the pride of Albanian architecture

24 Qer, 2024

Take a "screenshot" of this article, use it as a map and head towards Berat.

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The city of one over one windows

If you are looking for the city that brings you back to the time of your childhood, here it is. The aroma of traditional foods, the vibrancy of cafes around the city, and wineries are just some of the things you can find there. Surrounded by fig trees and separated by the Osum River, Berat of the stone is elegant in every step.

The castle - used to be the old city and today it is a national asset and not only. As the oldest monument in the city, it is located on the hill with a height of 187 m above sea level. In its interior there are stone streets, Byzantine churches and ruins from different periods, and yes, the visit is free. It is characteristic because many families still live inside it. Among others, some houses have been converted into guesthouses, restaurants or shops. You can also buy some folk clothes from the families who have displayed their crafts near the houses.

Meanwhile, the brightness of the sun at sunrise and sunset is tranquility for the soul from that height.

Church of Saint Triadh – It is an iconic landmark built near the second surrounding walls of the Castle, in a western Byzantine style, and it looks like it was so beautifully embroidered.

Church of Saint Mary Vllaherna - As the oldest church in Berat, since c. XIII, we should mention that its frescoes were painted by the artist Nikolla, the son of Onufri, the great Albanian painter.

Mangalem neighborhood – when you think a street has ended, right there you find a hidden alley that leads you somewhere else. In this neighborhood, the Ottoman-style houses are mostly small and attached to each other, without yards or gardens. The Teqeja of Halveti, the Dervish House of Berat, the Pasha's Gate and the Plum Mosque are all located along the historical Mangalem district.

Ethnographic Museum - behind the river, this museum awaits you, which is one of the most magnificent houses of the Ottoman era, not only in Albania, but also in the Balkans.

Gorica Bridge - as one of the largest bridges, it is one of the many treasures of Albania's historical and cultural heritage. It has stood the test of time and is still in use, therefore it is a symbol of the country.

Osum Canyon - Bogova Waterfalls - Only 1 hour from Berat, we recommend you to visit this divine place with dramatic gorges and mountains. It takes about 40 minutes from the main road to get down and enjoy that natural beauty.

The importance of Berat is also shown by its inclusion in UNESCO together with Gjirokastra, so don't miss the opportunity to meet the Albanian culture itself.