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About Saranda

Saranda is a beautiful city on the Albanian Riviera, by the Ionian Sea. It's famous for its lovely beaches and rich history. The city has both new attractions and old-world charm, with amazing views of the coast. You can explore old ruins that tell stories from the past, walk through lively streets, and enjoy the clear blue sea. Saranda is a perfect place for people who love the beach and want to experience Albanian culture.

Exploring Saranda

Saranda's charm is revealed through its exceptional places and warm-hearted people. Begin your exploration at the Lëkurësi Castle. This historic fortress offers panoramic views of Saranda and the Ionian Sea, effectively bridging the present with its ancient past. Stroll down to the city's promenade, where the buzz of daily life will envelop you in the local culture and beauty.

Continue your journey to the ancient city of Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site just a short drive from Saranda. Here, you can wander through Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Venetian ruins, taking a step back in time. Back in Saranda, don't miss the Synagogue Complex, showcasing the city's rich history and diversity.

Saranda is also known for its stunning beaches, such as Ksamil Beach, where the white sands and crystal-clear waters offer a paradise for relaxation and water sports. For adventure seekers, the Blue Eye Spring, a few kilometers from the city center, offers a natural wonder with its deep, vibrant blue waters surrounded by a lush forest.

As night falls, Saranda comes alive with its array of seaside restaurants and bars. Enjoy traditional Albanian seafood dishes, international cuisine, and the lively nightlife that offers a mix of local and tourist-friendly experiences.

Arriving in Saranda

Arriving in Saranda is a journey filled with beautiful landscapes and easy travel options. If you're traveling from within Albania, you can book a bus ticket online from Tirana to Saranda or vice versa offering a scenic route through the Albanian countryside.


Ticket prices starting from

4.5 €

Average bus trip duration

2h 35min

Number of daily buses


Earliest bus departure

12:00 AM

Latest bus departure

11:45 PM

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