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About Prishtina

Prishtina is the capital of Kosovo and is a city that buzzes with energy. It's a place where the excitement of its young population meets the dignity of old landmarks. The city is a blend of various cultures and histories, offering something unique for everyone who visits.

Exploring Prishtina

Start your visit at the Newborn monument, which celebrates Kosovo's independence. It's colorful and changes its look every year. Then, head to the Ethnological Museum to see traditional Kosovar life in an old, beautiful building.

Don't miss the Imperial Mosque and the Cathedral of Saint Mother Teresa, showing the city's religious diversity. Walking around, you'll find lots of cafes where you can try Kosovar coffee and tasty local food.

For something different, go to the Bear Sanctuary outside the city. It's a place where rescued bears live, and you can learn about protecting animals in Kosovo.

At night, Prishtina is full of fun with bars and clubs playing all kinds of music. It's a great way to meet people and enjoy the local vibe.

Getting to Prishtina from Prishtina International Airport

Getting to the city center from Prishtina International Airport is straightforward. While you can book a rental car or grab a taxi, taking a bus is the most convenient option. You can easily book a bus ticket with Gjirafa Travel for a simple ride from Prishtina International Airport to Prishtina.


Ticket prices starting from

2.5 €

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1h 30min

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Earliest bus departure

12:00 AM

Latest bus departure

11:30 PM

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