Vlora: Where the Adriatic Meets the Ionian

26 Qer, 2024

As the city that touches the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, Vlora is among the most beautiful Albanian places to see. It offers something for everyone and in every season.

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A bit of sweet Vlora

Vlora stands out as a European city with culture and history. We are starting with the promenade with palm trees along the coast and a road that leads to the Flag Square where you can see the Independence monument. Also attractive to visit is the Museum of Independence, about which a tour guide inside informs you, also in English.

A few kilometers away from the city, "Ishulli Sazanit" is the island that always arouses curiosity to visit because it was previously closed. Soldiers and their families lived in it, while since 2015 it is also open to the public. If you want some privacy, here you can also find the "Admiral Beach", the only one on this island, as well as some unexplored caves.

Among the most interesting caves to visit is the cave of "Haxhi Ali Ulqinaku", which is located on the Karaburun peninsula, and is the largest in Albania.

When we are at this peninsula, it offers a natural landscape intertwined with the historical one and will surprise every tourist with its beauties. For those who like natural diversity, they will find it here with untouched beaches, numerous bays, extremely rugged coastline and many other unique features.

This peninsula, as well as that of the Bay of Vlora, can also be seen from the small tourist spot "Uji i Ftohte" where you will enjoy the aromatic coffee in the restaurants out there.

Then here come the most impressive destinations such as the Ancient Park of Orik, the Archaeological Park of Amantia, as well as the fabulous villages on the coastline.

Overall, Vlora has a relief of all forms and endless possibilities for unforgettable vacations.