Theth: A treasure of Albanian nature

10 Qer, 2024

This village that we will present to you is not in Austria, Norway or Switzerland. It is the beautiful Thethi of Albania which brings all of them in one place.

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To go to from Shkoder to Theth, there are several options: to rent a car, with a guide, or by bus. The first two are more expensive, so the best solution is by bus.

Thus, the payment per person for a one-way ticket is 15 euros and the journey takes about 3 hours. With the operator "Candy Tours" you will feel absolutely comfortable all the way there.

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The fabulous Theth - the key points to visit

Theth is surrounded by the high and steep mountains of the Albanian Alps, which is also known as a Natural Zoological Park due to its wealth of wild animals.

One of the most interesting places to visit are the Gruna waterfalls, just 1 hour's climb from the village.

But don't hesitate to climb up to the Blue Eye, which is one of the most popular attractions there. Although it will take you about 6 hours to walk through the mountains, rivers, horses you will see on the way, clear water and the blue sky, those moments will remain in your memory forever.

Also, the spring of the Shala river, from where a small hydropower and 12 mills operate, then special caves such as Harapi and others that have attracted the attention of climbers, geographers, are just unrepeatable.

Down in the village, you will be able to do various activities such as feeding the animals on the farms there or connecting with the community in an evening around the fire. In the house of the hosts where you will have it as an inn, built with stones, you will also enjoy traditional and completely organic food, at a price suitable for everyone.

And don't forget, the best time to stay in Theth is during the period June-October, because in winter it is hardly accessible.

Finally, describing the natural beauty of Theth in words is impossible and not sufficient, so discover it yourself and we assure that you will not regret it.