Saranda: Nature’s paradise in Albania

20 Qer, 2024

Keep your eyes peeled for the lines below because you will fall in love with this place from this moment on.

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All roads lead to Saranda this summer

The beautiful nature of the Ionian Sea breathes life into this hilly city of southern Albania.

We are starting with the Castle of Leather, which is an icon of the city and which you can visit for free. Inside it there are restaurants with delicious traditional food accompanied by Albanian folk music and dance. Artillery of the 20th century is also exhibited at the gate of the castle, and in its vicinity, as in any place in Albania, you can see the famous bunkers.

Then the Synagogue and Basilica of Saranda, which is believed to date from the 5th century, is very interesting to see for all those who are passionate about the archaeological field.

Down on the beaches of Saranda there are many unique restaurants and bars where the hospitality is such that you go as a stranger and return as a friend. Among the beaches that are a "must visit" is Ksamil Beach, which with its white sand is also called the "Pearl of Ionia". And if you're looking for youth energy, go to Santa Quarantas beach, while if you want a bit of peace, you'll find it at Manastir beach.

If you want to get to Pulebardha's secret beach, we suggest you do it by boat and enjoy the views.

Then in front of the village of Krongj, at the foot of the mountain, we have the Blue Eye, which has been declared a natural monument and is the largest and most interesting spring there. You can book your bus ticket online from Saranda to Blue Eye at Gjirafa Travel.

Tourists from all over the world, when they visit Saranda, do not miss visiting Butrint, which shows the traces of ancient civilizations, and which is placed under the protection of UNESCO.

So, you have no reason to wait any longer, take a guitar with you, invite your friends and sing along under the sun and sea waves.

Saranda has a place and a choice for everyone.