Journey to Valbona: A Must-Visit

3 Kor, 2024

Neither the best books nor the images on the screens can describe Valbona as it is. Find out yourself by clicking now at Gjirafa Travel and book your bus ticket for one of the most thrilling adventures you can experience in Albania.

It will take you 7 hours to get there from Shkodra to Valbona, where the ticket costs 30 euros per person in one way.

You can also travel by car, but that would only complicate the process because you have to pay extra for the ferry first, then there are many trails that are only accessible on foot. Therefore, a wise solution is to travel by bus.


All inspiring towards Valbona

From Shkodra to Valbona, you will be face to face with peaceful nature, with fast-flowing waters, long gorges, and friendly people.

When you have left from the bus station in Shkodër at 6:30 with "Candy Tours", you will make the first stop around 9:00 in Koman where you will take the ferry and at around 12 o'clock from Fierza you will continue by bus again towards Valbona.

Sometimes the journey is as impressive as the destination and the Lake of Koman proves it. For those 3 hours while you are on the ferry you would not want to sleep on the way because the sights will keep you awake even if you are tired. Surrounded on both sides by not so high mountains, and in the middle of the water, "walking" lightly, you will not ask for anything more beautiful than this experience. Lake Koman has also been described by "Brandt Travel Guides" as "One of the most amazing boat trips in the world".

Here's why you must visit Valbona

Where snow, grass, sky and mountain meet, Valbona National Park is a fairy tale in itself. Many international media have also written about it, among others "euronews" which describes it as a beauty with an untouched landscape and the spiritual hospitality of the inhabitants.

Valbonë village does not have many houses, but they are very special in terms of the way they are built in the form of towers. Many of them have been adapted as hotels for tourists, where they offer traditional organic food directly from the land. And the prices are reasonable for the service provided.

You just make the right preparations to climb the peaks of the village, and apart from you, your camera will also need a “full battery”, because everything on the horizon is magical.

First, at the entrance of the Valbona Park, stop at Shoshani Canyon and Vrella, which is ideal for those who enjoy these hikes. Below the Canyon you can even swim, knowing that the water is ice cold.

Others who are trackers have the unique Dragobi Cave, easily accessible with marked trails, but also the 200-year-old stone tower. While further on you have the Xhema lake very close to the main road that allows you to definitely visit it, and those who are passionate about kayaking can do it in the Valbona river.

Also aim to the peaks of the Albanian Alps, specifically the "Jezerce Peak" if you have experience in this field and it is good to coordinate with local groups, so that you have each other's support. And for those who don't want to walk too much, you can camp down in the valley, which is also fantastic for a vacation.

Valbona has no sea, but the waters that are unavoidable, the rare animals that you can see, the "sound of the birds", the suitable climate, the clean air, and much more make it a place worth it to take every step for.