How to go from Saranda to Himare?

28 Qer, 2024

Experience a comfortable trip from Saranda to Himare with the services provided by Gjirafa Travel. You can choose one of the bus operators that are available for this line such as Olgeno Travel&Tours, at a price of 8 euros per person one way. This trip from this starting point to the destination takes you only one hour and 30 minutes.

Whereas if you decide to take a taxi, it costs 50-70 euros, and on the other hand a rental car would cost at least 25 euros per day, and you should book one in advance because the prices go up a lot on the spot more. As for traveling by train, you should know that there is no such one.

Charms of Himara

During this relatively short time, you will follow the shores of the Ionian Sea, especially from Qeparo to Himare, as well as pass through the beautiful villages of the region. And when you go there, we suggest that you first stop at the old Himara, which represents the antiquity of the country, in which there are traces of the fortress and inside it is also a monumental church with unique values. Meanwhile, citrus fruits and olive trees give this part charm and will take you everywhere.

Himara is perfect for those looking for more than sunbathing on the many beaches, although they are unrepeatable. We are only considering the beach of Jali, which you cannot pass without visiting, even if you are only going to stay there for one day. It is located between the beaches of Gjipe and Himara.

While below you will find the tourist spots that should not be missed as long as you are there.

5 monuments to visit in Himare

“Palermo Castle” - The locals call it Kastri and it is a fortress located among the greenery of the sea. It is just a painting in reality.

“Old Cyprus” – is a village that with its traditional architecture, cobblestone streets, ancient churches, then houses with interesting inscriptions gives you one more reason to see it.

“Stone in the sky” – you must see it. It is located in Vranisht on the top of the "Mesimer" mountain and has been estimated by researchers to be a Dolmen (the only one in the Balkans), which reminds you of "Stonehenge" in England.

"Cave of Pigeons" - On a beach between Jal and Gjipe there is a cave that can only be accessed from the sea.

Gjipe Canyon - It is ideal for those who want to practice extreme sports. You can go there through the sea, and then take advantage of the rocks for climbing, the fine sand for running, but also other favorite activities.

When you have enjoyed the beauties of Saranda, this feeling will be even more enhanced in the bright Himara with the tranquility that it offers.