Explore Himara: The Pearl of the Albanian Riviera

6 Qer, 2024

If you are talking with your friends about spending this summer vacation in a place with a view of the sea and the mountains, and you still haven't decided, you don't have to discuss it anymore. Show them the Himara of Albania.

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Himara in 2 minutes reading

Himara is a postcard to experience it for real. It is an area full of culture, tradition and hospitality. The varied architecture and cultural monuments in each village speak of the creativity of the locals over the years. Crystal waters on wonderful beaches, painted relief interspersed between canyons, rivers and mountains will be what every tourist will find in Himara.

Palasa village - For those who are passionate about air sports, climb the “Mountain of Qika”, jump with a parachute from the neck of Llogara, and land on the beach of Palasa.

To its north is "Gjiri i Grama" which can only be reached by sea because of the surrounding rocks. More than 1,500 epigrams in the Greek language have been found in them, hinting that this place was a shelter for sailors in case of a storm, but also a place of worship and pilgrimage during that time.

Llamani Beach - It is one the most favorite beaches especially for the youth, also because of the parties and youth clubs that are organized there, and it is located just 5 minutes away from the city of Himara, via the Himara-Porto Palermo road.

The bay of Porto Palermo will leave you speechless. On the small peninsula where the castle is located, which is believed to have been built by Ali Pasha Tepelena in the 19th century, listen to the silence that prevails throughout the day and enjoy the views.

Himara's magic doesn't stop there. As for Dhërmiu, it is not recommended to just visit it, you should definitely enjoy every edge of this fabulous village. It is among the largest of the Ionian coast, and besides being suitable for the beach, it is also perfect for the intrepid explorers of the underwater world, where the depth begins at the shore. The craggy rocks like a labyrinth on this side lead you to Saint Todri's Hill to the "Pirates' Cave", 30 meters long, with touristic and historical importance. It got this name because long ago pirates took refuge there with their ships, where we emphasize that even here there is access only from the sea.

We cannot leave without mentioning the small houses of a certain style, and the historical churches.

On the other side, to go to the beach of the village of Borsh, you will cross the road with olive groves, and then you will be introduced to the endless sea. where will you have taken the pictures for your next "wallpaper" on the phone.

Gjipe Canyon is almost dedicated to extreme sports enthusiasts. On its narrow path you can do spectacular rock climbing and get your adrenaline pumping. You can get there through the Saint Theodore Monastery or by sea.

So don't miss out on the opportunity to have a vacation that's worth it in every aspect. If you are in Tirana, just take the first step here.