Travel from Tirana to Saranda by bus

3 Qer, 2024

Wake up early this weekend and aim for the thrilling natural beauty of Saranda.

GjirafaTravel solves the issue of booking an online bus ticket for you, while you choose your next destinations.

How to get to the south and what you should know, you can find in the following details.

Bus schedule

Departures are made 7 times a day, where the first bus from Tirana to Saranda is at 5:30 in the morning, with the operator Tisa Travel, while the last one is at 22:00, where the duration is about 4 hours.

The ticket price per person is 15.50 euros in one direction.

At GjirafaTravel you can also be informed exactly about the place of departure shown on the map (South and North Bus Terminals), or even about the departures and arrivals for each day.

Travel from Mother Teresa-Tirana International Airport

If you have landed at Tirana airport and want to go to Saranda, first you have to go to the bus station in Tirana through "Luna Travel" in about 30 minutes where the ticket costs 4 euros. Then you have to change the operator to "Tisa Travel" while you wait a few minutes to continue your journey.

The road to Saranda

There are two ways to go to the Albanian Riviera:

Tirana - Durrës - Fier - Vlorë - Himarë - Sarandë, which is a longer route of up to 7 hours, which is usually preferred by those who travel by car and want to make stops at tourist spots in the region.

Tirana - Durrës - Fier - Tepelenë - Sarandë - on the other side is the route that the buses take and it is much shorter - 4h 15min.

Places you should definitely visit in Saranda

This southern city is already one of the most frequented tourist spots in Albania, but if you think that the beaches and the beautiful Ionian Sea are all you can see, you are wrong.

Saranda offers many fascinating views, among others you have the fortress of Lëkures, from where you can see the whole city as well as the islands of Ksamil. It is located on the ruins of the village of Lëkurës, and there is a 3-4 kilometer road to get there.

While we are at the islands of Ksamil, we fully support the opinion that there are the most impressive beaches in the country, especially those with white sand.

Therefore, the "Blue Eye" is a natural wonder not only in Saranda, but in the whole Albania, that you should not miss the opportunity to see it. Located in front of the village of Krongj with a depth of up to 45 meters, it has a blue color that resembles the pupil of an eye. It is the largest and most interesting spring among the 18 springs that erupt at the foot of the vast mountain. Today "Syri i Kaltër" holds the status of a natural monument.

Saranda is generally the destination to stay longer than you planned because you wouldn't want to leave without seeing it all.

So don't forget to take the most beautiful experiences with you and yes, book the return ticket to the same place online with just one click.