How to travel from Tirana to Borsh?

1 Kor, 2024

The road from Tirana to Borsh is a straight line with very few turns, and traveling by bus with your loved ones will make the journey even more interesting. Gjirafatravel.com allows you to book a ticket and save time, while operators with comfort buses add pleasure to this 3-hour journey from the Albanian capital city.

The bus towards Borsh are at least three times a day, where the ticket price costs 14 euros per person with the operator "Olgeno Travel&Tours".

On the other hand, you can rent a car in Tirana, but of course it costs much more.

But first, take a walk in "Sk├źnderbej Square" of Tirana, visit the "International Museum", the Pyramid of Tirana or the Block Zone to fill up with more summer energy, and then leave for the unique village.

The charming Borsh

The crystal clear and warm waters of the beaches of Borsh will attract you to swim at any moment. Along the longest beach of the province, you have bars and restaurants with traditional food and more, which will serve you with the warmest hospitality. But if you're looking for more, simply take a boat and set off to explore the secluded rocky coves and spot the region's wildlife. Nearby there you have fishing areas or even terminal resources that you can use.

Further, behind the beaches you have hills and beautiful nature around. So for those who want a change of scenery, just hit the trails that lead to another adventure. Wear a pair comfortable shoes, take some food with you, and hiking will be one of the most beautiful things you can do in Borsh.

But, something that characterizes Albania in general are the forts, where we have the Borshi fortress which is now open for tourists.

Don't forget to take part in the atmosphere and liveliness that takes place in the settlements of Borshi with the crowded markets where you will find a variety of shops. From those that offer handicrafts, fresh food, to cafes everywhere as well as traditional musicians and dancers, there are bits that will leave a sweet taste on this trip.