How to go from Tirana to Shkoder?

5 Kor, 2024

Shkodra never loses its grandeur and beauty with attractive places for tourists who come from all over the world. This city, located in the north-west of Albania, gives you a baggage of knowledge when you leave it.

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Information about the bus ticket

From Tirana you will cross these places in about 1 hour and 45 minutes: Fushë Krujë-Thumanë-Fushë Mamurras-Lezhë-Balldren Bahçallek until you reach Shkodër.

Meanwhile, the accommodation of the buses of operators like "Candy Tours" at a price of 15 euros for one direction gives you a good start in this adventure.


This is how tourists describe Shkodra

City of bicycles

The people of Shkodra have a long tradition of riding bicycles, which is also possible due to the location of the country and the compactness of the urban area. This way it is surprising the visitors and they can explore the city by themselves by renting one. Not in every country you will see so much love for the bikes.

Shkodra Square - Pedonalja

With a length of 800 meters, paved with decorative stones, this space will give you sounds as you walk with the music made by the artists, and you will see the houses built in the Venetian style, or even the National Museum of Photography Marubi. At night, this boulevard becomes absolutely romantic with its lighting.

The Rozafa Castle

Interesting in terms of the legend of how this castle was built, which tells about the history of Albania according to the sacrifice of a mother for her child, but also about what you will see in front of you from above as the "Lake of Shkodra", the surrounding rivers and mountains .

From April to September, it is open for visitors every day from 9:00 to 18:00.

Lake Shkodra

As one of the most important tourist centers of the region, this lake stands out for the clean air it brings to this area, while among the most visited tourist spots in the lake are "Syri i Sheganit", Zogaj, Shiroka. You can use the Venetian boats and gondolas as well to experience a bit of the harmony of nature. 

The mosque of lead

It is considered a cultural monument in the city of Shkodra, which was built in 1773 in the style of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and is the only one included among the 50 most beautiful mosques in the world. It is located near Rozafa Castle, where you really shouldn't miss this special part.

Those who have passed here once, are full of energy for the whole year. Therefore, you should visit Shkodra because you will find history, landscapes, music, then competitive prices, and most importantly, the hospitality that comes naturally from the “sofra” of Albanians.