How to go from Tirana to Gjirokaster?

4 Qer, 2024

On a trip from Tirana to Gjirokaster, get ready for many pictures in front of you.

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How to get from Tirana to Gjirokaster?

The distance from Tirana-Gjirokastër is 223 km, so you reach the destination in less than 4 hours.

You have to go from Tirana through Durrës, Kavaja Lushnja, Fier and Tepelena by bus to Gjirokastra, while there is no train connection.

The taxi ride on the other side costs about 100 euros one way, which is much more expensive compared to the bus.The most reliable option remains traveling from Tirana to Gjirokaster by bus, which you can book online at Gjirafa Travel.

The capital city of Albania.

Before taking the road to the birthplace of Kadare, stop for a while at Tirana's tourist attractions, such as Skënderbej Square, which has received various awards, including the European Award for the best Urban Public Space in 2018.

Then the Mosaic Castle of Tirana, together with the National Historical Museum, are destinations to mark in your calendar.

On the other side, Bunk'Art 1 is a 5-floor underground building with 106 rooms, inaugurated in 1978 by the communist system, as an anti-nuclear bunker for government housing, which has been transformed into a tourist spot in the region.

For those who want a greener view, the Great Manmade Lake Park to the south of the city makes it possible, as well as getting a bit of the Botanic Gardens and Zoo nearby.


City-Museum - Gjirokastra

When you have reached Gjirokastër or the stone city as it is otherwise known, you are in the city included in the UNESCO world heritage list in 2005.

This historical part of Albania allows you to meet the Castle of Gjirokastra or Catstle of Argjiro, and learn about the legend of the name. Further on, you can see the Gjirokastra Bazaar built in the century XVII, the Church of Saint Sotir, the 300-year-old House of Skëndulat, rated as one of the most beautiful in the Balkans.

If you are looking for peace and a relaxing environment, you can find it in Viroi Park, just 3 km far from Gjirokastra, while in the outskirts of the city you have Antigonea Archaeological Park, Hadrianopolis, Haskova Bridge, or Libohova Castle.

In general, the special construction of the houses, the history and the natural beauties of this city will make you come back again, now with a familiar panorama.