How to go from Tirana Airport to Saranda?

8 Kor, 2024

There are several ways to get to Saranda from Tirana Airport. For this relatively long route, we recommend you to make a choice that never fails, traveling by bus through Gjirafa Travel. Here you can book your ticket in very simple steps and although there is no direct line to get there, why not take a break along the way and remove the responsibility of driving in such distances.

First you need to go from the airport to the bus station in Tirana with "Luna Travel", and from there you will take the operator "Tisa Travel" to Saranda. Almost every day there are departures at least 5 times from Tirana Airport to Saranda. The total price is 19.5 euros one way, while other additional information is available here.

However, others can go by rental car or taxi in about 5 hours. For a rental car, 25 euros is the cost for a day without counting the filling of the tank. The same has its own advantage because you can stop from time to time, or choose other routes, but of course it has a much higher cost.

Then if you decide to take a taxi from Tirana Airport to Tirana, it costs 13 euros, while if you take a taxi directly to Saranda, it costs about 165 euros.

We suggest that for car trips, you always leave a little earlier for the Bus Station because there can be traffic jam in Tirana.

In Saranda you have a lot to visit, from the white sand beaches, the Blue Eye, the important cultural monuments, and to become part of the youthful energy with the activities that take place especially during the season. We suggest that in particular you visit the “Rrënojat e Manastirit të 40 Shenjtorëve”, the "Parku Nacional i Butrintit", or even the "Manastiri i Mesopotamit".

Very close, you also have the beach of Ksamil, which is among the top coastal places to visit in Europe, and already among the favorites of international tourists.

So, look for the easiest options available to you for this destination and take advantage of these beautiful summer days on the Albanian Riviera.