Arbeni Tours: From Kosovo to Montenegro

29 Kor, 2023

hen it comes to wonderful summer journeys and the adventures that come with them, there is nothing better than exploring the beauty of Montenegro. And for those who wish to make this experience easy and comfortable, Arbeni Tours is the right choice.

A Successful Agency with a Rich History

Arbeni Tours has been in the travel agency market since 2014, providing travelers with a special opportunity, especially with summer offers, to discover the wonders of Montenegro. With rich and responsible experience, they have become a well-known name for their excellent quality and services.

The Beautiful Destinations of Montenegro

Arbeni Tours is dedicated to offering wonderful summer journeys from Kosovar cities such as Pristina, Gjilan, Prizren, and Ferizaj to various destinations in Montenegro. We highlight some of the well-known destinations offered:

  • Tivat: The city of Tivat is a preferred destination for beautiful beaches and the famous Porto Montenegro port. This is a perfect place to enjoy the coast and the rich gastronomy of this city.
  • Budva: Budva is an ancient city with a rich history and beautiful beaches. It offers a beautiful blend of culture and nature.
  • Kotor: The city of Kotor is known for its old town and the beautiful bay. Travelers can explore the narrow streets of the old town and enjoy the magnificent view from the walls of Kotor.
  • Sveti Stefan: Sveti Stefan is one of the most famous icons of Montenegro. This small island city in the sea is a preferred destination for those who want to treat themselves to something special.
  • Ulcinj and Shkodra: These destinations offer long and beautiful beaches, as well as rich culture and significant history.

Assistance in planning your journey is always our pleasure

Arbeni Tours is committed to ensuring that your journeys are suitable and enjoyable. With professional services and dedicated assistance, we are always ready to help you plan your trip. Simply contact us and leave all the organization in our hands; you will experience an unforgettable adventure with us. Get ready for a wonderful summer and the best journeys with Arbeni Tours!